Overwatch – Madrid

This level was part of the final grade for Advanced Level Design, 4th year.

The task was design a Map for a Multiplayer FPS game and make a blockout in Unreal.



I decided to use Principe Pio because there isn’t any Spain maps. Moreover, I think this station is a good place to recreate shooter maps because of all the height changes and stores placement.

The station has been modified in order to improve the gameplay. Anyways, the resemblance is there.

Note: The character Reinhardt has been used as size reference (green figure).


Game mode: Escort.

The first checkpoint unlocks the load, which make it to start moving towards the next checkpoint after conquering it.




Attackers (Red Zones)

The first spawn is located at the end of the metro lines, players have to go straight, following a symmetrical path which contains elements to make it easier for attackers.

The second spawn is located just behind the vehicle exit point. To take the next control point, players can use two different paths, although the convoy will go straight.

The third spawn is located just behind the second checkpoint.

Defenders (Blue Zones)

The first spawn is in a communications room that is in a higher level, players must go down to be able to get to the central corridor of the level and reach the point of the convoy.

The second spawn is on the final path of the convoy. It has been moved away from the second checkpoint to offer an advantage to the attackers while defenders respawn.

The third spawn is at the furthest point of the level, but it has different accesses to the checkpoint and the different heights.


Checkpoint #1

At the beginning of the game, the attackers are at a level disadvantage. It is a symmetrical corridor with obstacles that favour the attackers. They can use that elements to take advantage in a weakest position because of the different height of the defenders. It will depend on the cleverness of the players to benefit from the advantages of the element´s placement.

The yellow cylinders are underground trains that are no longer in operation.

Possible Changes: Make the underground´s interior playable to offer greater versatility.

On the other hand, the defenders have field advantage, given that they are at a higher height at the checkpoint and on the next platform, that is accessed by another ramp.


Checkpoint #2

The attackers will make their spawn next to the area where the convoy begins and they will have to accompany it along a straight line that has a slope and a height advantage at the end of the corridor.

Alternative Way Checkpoint # 2

In Overwatch, it is common to use secondary roads  to avoid receiving all the damage from a single direction. At the beginning of the slope, there is a corridor that leads directly to the upper floor of the restaurants of the shopping center.


In this entrance there is a shop and some commercial posts that offer the usual coverage of the Overwatch buildings.



Checkpoint #3


The area where the convoy moves is protected from the upper floors of the shopping center by shops that are distributed along the corridor.

Therefore, the attackers will have time to take a breath and defend themselves against enemy snipers.

As it is a three-story shopping center, stairs (slopes) have been arranged to make the movement between floors easier and quicker for the two teams.


The end of the level is the most frenetic part, since the attackers can be repelled from the restaurant area from the lower floor or from the opposite corridor.


Modules used:

Underground Train.
Two Zones Store.
Store with a big Table.
Block Store.
Stairs (Slopes)


Possible improvements:

Enable the interior of trains to be able to use them as paths between metro lines and coverage.

Change some modules, since they can be repetitive.

Move spawn away from conflicting areas, playtesting is needed for it