Genre: First Person Shooter & Puzzles

Platform: PC

Engine: Unity

Developed during November 2015 to March 2016.

Made with a team of 8 people.





The player has to scape from a spaceship resolving puzzles with his gravity tool.

The gravity tool let the player to Pull and Push certain objects in order to keep advancing.


Role in the project

Producer: Team Communication, Task Assignment and Coordinate Meetings.

Game Designer: Design Concept, Level Design and Art Implementation.


At the moment we developed this game, I was the only designer who knew how to use Unity, so I was in charged of implementing all the levels and testing them to change what were wrong.


Personal Achievements

It was my first project as a producer, I was attending second year at university and I had to learn fast to keep the communication between all departments and coordinating meetings.

As a Game Designer, it was my first serious project working with other designers. It was hard at the beginning to decide an idea because we all had good ones, but It was a great opportunity to deal with my teammates to keep a cool head about shutting down ideas and prioritize solid design before creativity.

To end with, this project was the best of all the games that were presented at the end of the course.