About Me


I´m a young game designer looking to develop games with personality and rich storytelling.


Videogames have been an important part of my childhood and they have help me in many ways to become who I am today. 


It´s impossible to decide which game would be my favourite one, but I would say my top would be:

  • Shovel Knight

This game reintroduced me in the story games, before it I used to play only MOBA and MMORPG games. Shovel Knight was able to engage me because of its Difficulty and Narrative, which was simple but straight to the point. 

  • Kingdom Hearts

I grew up playing this game, it taught me about friendship and determination. It was almost the only game I played, I remember playing with a friend on my console and then saving his game in my slot, erasing all my data. It was shocking, I was only 10, but it encouraged me to start a new game with the biggest difficult to overcome myself.

  • Horizon: Zero Dawn

I wanted to play this game so bad I borrow a PS4 from a friend who didn´t have it and couldn´t find his controller, so I asked another one to lend me his copy and a PS4 controller. Since all of that wasn´t mine, I had to finish it fast. I don´t  have much free time, but this game took it all. For two weeks, Horizon made me feel like no game has ever done before. I wasn´t a big fan of open worlds until I played this one.

  • Hollow Knight

After Horizon´s open world, I wanted to try a metroidvania game. I started this one after a bad day, and I hated it because I could only focus on the bad things. After being grumpy some time, I told myself that I had to look at it from another point of view, because being a hater doesn´t bring anything good. Playing the game, looking at all the good stuff that it has, improved me as a video game critic, game designer and as a gamer.