Genre: Action, Arcade.

Platform: PC

Engine: Unity

Developed during November 2017 to January 2018.

Made with a teammate.





Action game where your weapons break after hitting enemies.

Three different levels where the player has to face different types of enemies and a Boss at the end of each one.

We wanted to do a Gauntlet game alike but with a twisted mechanic: weapons break after hitting enemies, in order to promote a fast pace gameplay.

Role in the project

Game Designer: Design Concept, Mechanics, Level Design, Enemies, and Art Implementation.

Technical Game Designer: Scripted Player, Enemies, Weapons and Polish Animation´s Interaction.




All of them have 1 health point. Only the Standard and Ranged type drops weapons.

Standard: Simple AI, follows the player and attacks slowly at melee range.

There is always room for basic pawns who follows the player. They are in charge of making the player moves around the room to prevent damage. Moreover, the player kill all the enemies who are in the axe´s swing, so there will be more weapons to use after beating them.

Ranged: Throw fireballs towards the player which breaks after hitting something. High Cooldown and high Damage.

This kind of enemies are placed strategically in order to make the player dodge their fireballs and promote the fast pace we are looking for. The Standard enemies can be used as defensive walls.

Explosive: Follows the player at high speed and explodes after reaching the player. High Damage.

We decided to give the player a double edge sword to use if wanted. Player can choose to make them explode alone or around other enemies with the interest to kill them.


Personal Achievements

It was the first project I had to be in charge of animations. I was afraid at the beginning, but I enjoyed it a lot when I started working with Unity´s Animator. It was gratifying to change all the variables, transitions and behaviour trees of all the characters and look at the results.

My goal was to get a character that could be played in the smoothest way possible. I´m happy with the result, but it could have been better if we had our own animations instead of using mixamo´s.

Moreover, it was the first game that we have published. We had feedback from unknown users that didn’t owe us anything, so they were more coldblooded that our friends and family. It was handy because we found some problems that we didn’t think about.