This level was part of the final grade for Advanced Level Design, 4th year.

The task was assembling a cathedral and an underground level following strict rules and using assets from the game “Infinity Blade”.

Our teacher wanted us to be resolutive, therefore he gave us few elements to create this level. It had to be done in Unreal.






“The first part of the level, right where the player starts, has to be respected and serves as a reference for the style of the rest of the level.”

“As we move a little, we see some assets already placed. This area belongs to the ruins of an old cathedral. You will see that there is a staircase to the right, you must place a similar area with stairs on the left side, where there are some tiles placed and a floating platform in the air.”


Since both platforms were different from each other, I decided to round the “empty” one with rocks in order to recreate a destroyed tower.



The octagon had to be the place of worship, my approach was placing an altar and some lighting statues that would help the player to immerse.


“The flow of the level should take the player to climb first up the right ladder, when it is up, something should guide the player down the stairs and up to the area of ​​the left stair, and when it is at the top of this area, we have to see an entrance area at the lower level, more difficult to see if you do not go up to this area.”


As soon as the player reach the doorway, it is visible that a door is in the floor. It takes the attention, and the broken floor maintain the player looking in this direction.

Following the door with the eyes, brings the player to watch the stairs on the right.


If the player decides to go up the right tower, there will be visible a broken wall on the left side. This should take the player´s attention, since the inside of the temple can´t be seen clearly because of the outside light.

Once the player is in the left side, some lights can be seen by looking through the gap.

“The lower level has the structure that I gave you on the map. As soon as you reach the bottom, you will find a large room with high ceilings,  gloomy and poorly lighted with exits on the left and right. You must try that the player goes to the left side, so that he arrives at the area where the closed door A is located.”












“In this way he is forced to return until he finds the key A, which is in a labyrinthine and oppressive area.”


The labyrinth is darker in the entrance and get more illuminated as the player advance. The corridor is tight and the ceiling is low.

“Once you can pass through the door A, we will see that there are 2 roads, a secondary road that is in front of the player and a main road that is on the left, we should suggest this differentiation to the player.”

“The room that the player will find has a large door (Door B) closed on the left and two small doors on the right. These doors on the right open automatically when you arrive, in one of them is the key that opens the door B. The player will try to open the big door because that area attracts more attention.”

“Then the level should try to lead the player to the door on the right side of the room that is farthest away. Since you will find nothing, you will go to the other door and take the key that will open Door B.”

“And there you will find a room different from the rest, without feeling of danger, and where you will find the final treasure.”